Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Used to the New Job

Actually, it doesn't sound like there's too much bad stuff to get used to. Phillip emailed again yesterday:

"Hey family! I have been having some really good days so far, been fitting in really well and loving it so far. To cap off my adventure: it's weird to have so much money involved and not be spending my own. We get amazing dinners that we go out for every night at local Pemberton restaurants. And for now, we are still staying in the B&B and get a breakfast that rivals Mom's, if its possible?

So I have been working on the Rogers Creek property s
o far and it's about an hour drive with 44 km being on the craziest logging road I have been on yet, in our brand new GM diesel pick up with three other guys. We did a camp clean up and inventory and a property tour to date with some new stuff coming up soon.

Here are some pictures of a log jammed road blocking the pickup so we had to climb over it on the atvs. Oh and I love the blog but don't know how to work it so for now, here are words and pics. buh bye!"

(...I think that sums it up pretty well :) - Julie)

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  1. So you mean to tell me, with that new diesel they didn't want to drive over some little twigs? Come on nowwwwww, haha drive on brother.

    Love your seeeeester.