Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Adventure Begins...

Hi everyone! Welcome to Phillip's (or Phill's) blog, where you'll be able to keep up to date with our avid explorer on his first job with Miocene Metals in beautiful British Columbia. He flew out on Monday afternoon, and arrived safe and sound, according to the text we received at 2:42 am.

We just got an email from him today, with pictures and a recap of what he's been up to since he arrived. To see any of the photos enlarged, just click on them and you'll see a larger size, to appreciate the scenery better. Just hit the "back" arrow again, and it will take you back to the blog...Here's what he wrote:

"Hello everyone, The trip out to BC was great. I left Sudbury on a dash 8, then from Toronto on a 777 (77L) which was a really big plane actually compared to the little dash 8. Anyways, so we landed in Vancouver and stayed the night not far from the airport.

The next morning we ate then got a cab to down town Vancouver, we met up with Clinton (Smyth, Vice President of Miocene Metals) and got an over view of the week to come. We then went to an outdoor store and bought a lot of camp stuff. We then drove out to Squamish where we ate.

We're staying at a bed and breakfast in Pemberton which is amazing, the view is nuts and I took some pictures for you guys.

As for today we have to go out to check one site, buy a chainsaw and talk to the loggers to see if they can move boulders and trees off the road for us. It looks like we will be starting work on Monday or Tuesday and for now just doing little jobs and getting organized."

...not sure where these were taken, but it sure looks nice. (Julie)

Anyone wanting to leave a comment for Phillip can do so in the box below. It should appear as soon as you post it and Phillip can even reply to these with a comment of his own.


  1. Hi Phillip, geo here.

    Nice pictures! Looks like you've got a great start!

  2. To you Phillip, a big hello from Grand Valley, where its cold and miserable and pouring rain!
    Its really cool to read about your new adventure and keep up with some of your experiences. So we wish you all the best again and bye for now
    Oma and Opa

  3. Hello Phillip, Love the pictures!!! I was wondering whether that was you para-sailing off the mountain? Keep sending the photos.. they are truly spectacular. ; )
    Aunt Tina

  4. Hey Phillip, welcome to BC. You couldn't have picked a better place to start your career. Stephanie is working at Chateau Lake Louise for the summer I took her out to Alberta last week.
    Have a great time in BC, it sure is beautiful this time of year.
    Monika (Baumlisberger)